Beware of Content Writing Scams

In this post about Mike Cris (Michael Sadish) you can get an idea of the scams that are out there. This is someone whose introduction emails are well written (probably by some other writer) and then when you contract him, you get garbage content, poorly written and barely readable. In this case the fraudulent writer ignored the terms of the writing agreement and then refused to refund the balance owed to the client. A quick tip, ask for a sample that you assign and offer to pay if the sample of writing is good.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engines have become today’s global yellow pages. Ever advancing in the way they collect and present information they are a critical component of any business strategy and an integral part of the marketing effort.

DMOZ Open DirectorySearch engine marketing is a catch all concept. It’s also referred to as search engine positioning, ranking and promotion. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising are two components within search engine marketing.

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How do Search Engines Work?

Search Engines for the general web do not really search the World Wide Web directly. Each one searches a database of the full text of web pages selected from the billions of web pages out there residing on servers. When you search the web using a search engine, you are always searching a somewhat stale copy of the real web page. When you click on links provided in a search engine’s search results, you retrieve from the server the current version of the page.

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Click Fraud in Search Advertising

Click fraud (or “Click Spam”) has been a concern for search engine marketers since the beginning of pay per click (PPC) advertising. In the early days dozens of smaller search engines lost their credibility and today there are those who claim that even among the larger engines like Google and Yahoo the problem remains a concern.

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Search Engine Optimization Basics

There are no guaranteed search results (specially #1 positions) in Search Engine Optimization. Promising positions in search engine result pages is usually a sign that an SEO company is doing something shady or using Black Hat tactics (see this).

A good SEO strategy would take the overall presence of the website in search engines into account and would measure results by the number and quality of visitors coming from organic search results. The final ingrdient here is time, it’s a critical component and results should always be looked at in terms of the long run.

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