Marketing Process Review

The Internet is an ever changing environment and there is a constant need for insuring that the marketing organization is making effective use of that environment. With the wide selection of online marketing formats and options, an organization needs to have an overall framework and processes that make optimal use of the available options online.

Suntrader Networks believes in educated customers. As part of the Internet consulting services we offer a review service of the online marketing processes and marketing plan execution. We meet with clients and help them analyze and optimize the online marketing operations.

Whether its a decision to outsource some elements of the marketing organization, run a self managed affiliate program or paying 15% to a professional media management company as opposed to using a third party service. Deciding on the most effective online marketing organization setup, and operational processes is a critical part of the business plan for any organization in the 21st century.

The Suntrader marketing review service will include several sessions as well as a detailed final report. The client will receive an analysis of the current marketing procedures, proposed changes and best practices to set them on the path to effective and successful Internet marketing of their business.