Strategy Development

The online marketing plan presents the blue print for the company’s online marketing strategy. The plan will define the scope, deliverable and type of activities needed for the business client. Working together with the business marketing team the online plan should complement the organization’s overall marketing plan.

Suntrader Networks offers an online marketing plan development service suitable for any business client in any industry. The plan will encompass the necessary components (below) allowing business client to manage their own online marketing strategy or outsource all or parts of the activities to third party vendors.

The online marketing plan will be based on the following structure:

  • Online Marketing Objectives (Target market, Success Parameters, Leads/Clicks)
  • Current Position (Ranking, search engine visibility, site issues)
  • Competition Analysis (Industry and Competitive Analysis)
  • Budgeting (Estimated budget requirements)
  • The Online Marketing Mix
    • Online Media Management
      • Industry Portals Advertising Rates
      • Lead Generation Campaigns
      • Sponsorships and Online Promotions
      • White paper and Content Advertising
      • Email Marketing
    • Affiliate Marketing (optional for retail and B2C clients)
      • Outsourced VS In House
      • Affiliate Program Development
      • Webmaster Recruitment
      • Affiliate Program Promotion
  • Evaluation – Establishing measurement parameters, performance reports and a review schedule