Online Media Management

Knowledge of audience dynamics helps advertisers reach target groups more effectively and efficiently. As Internet usage among the general population increases and online content and product offerings continue to mature, the web is being recognized as a legitimate method for efficiently reaching a mass audience.

We provide complete media management services, moving through a process that allows our customers the highest possible return from their online marketing budgets. This methodology is based on our own experience with media acquisition and money we spent for our own marketing campaigns.

Planning – Expectations and goals are determined, a completed sale, lead generation, more visits or branding. These coupled with an understanding of your business, the lifetime value of your customers, help us assess the right initiatives and define the marketing plan and the goals it needs to achieve.

Research – Who is your target audience, demographics and profiling of the ideal customer are reviewed. Where do they live online, spend their time and look for products. This phase will allow us to prepare a list of prospective verticals and zero in on possible locations to promote your brand. We offer a wide network of vendors and online publishers that we draw on and we will go beyond those to fit our clients’ needs.

Campaign Management – When we narrow down on a list of potential media vendors, the options may include email marketing, portals, information sites, news sites, and ecommerce or entertainment sites. We will negotiate the best possible and test campaigns, get the most effective placement and establish performance benchmarks for our campaigns. The process is ongoing and constant monitoring and optimizing is required. Finally, selecting the right advertising formats, preparing the creative and the destination pages are components that can determine the success of a campaign.

All through this process we will communicate and provide detailed reports to our clients on their campaigns. Media management is a long term relationship and we make sure that our clients are kept up to date and are involved in our thought process, work and results.