Search Engine Advertising

Paid inclusion in search engine marketing refers to the placing of text ads on relevant search results. At its core this brand of search engine marketing begins with the same basics as the organic process of search engine marketing, unlike organic, paid inclusion is instant.

The process includes an understanding of marketing goals, target market, competition analysis, an analysis of any previous marketing data available including; cost per acquisition, lifetime value of a customer, customer profile, demographics, an analysis of site statistics and log files.

A professional campaign will be deployed with tracking and reporting systems in place, custom landing pages, user interface and usability enhancements all guaranteeing optimal conversion rates and a positive return on the online advertising budget.

An Example of Search Engine Advertising on Google Paid Search Engine Results on Google

Paid inclusion search results look like the example on the right. They generally appear before the non-paying results, with the title “Sponsored Links” preceding the paid links.

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