Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on creating web properties that are easily cataloged by search engines. When a site is indexed well the content it has to offer is available when web users make the relevant search. While creating these “Search Engine Friendly” websites and projects, its important to remember that the ultimate purpose is the user. A good balance of a Search Engine and User Friendly web site is what effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about.

An effective Search Engine Optimization Strategy will insure that the website covers as many relevant terms and keyphrases that potential visitors would use to search for the product or service the company offers. A well designed, easy to navigate, informative website that provides helpful information to the visitor will insure effective results.

Suntrader Networks offers consulting services to businesses that want to improve their exposure in search engines or need help developing an effective Search Engine Optimization stratgey. We believe in teaching our clients, providing them with the tools to do their own Site Optimization as they progress. Consulting services are provided as a one time SEO consulting service that details the actions needed to improve the client website, in some cases special coding and web development is included in this service. Other SEO projects require specific solutions and an hourly consulting fee is used in those cases.

Sample Organic Search Engine Results Organic search engine results sample
Unlike paid inclusion, organic search engine results appear without the preceding title “Sponsored Results”, letting users know the results are dependent mainly on what the search engine considers relevant to the search terms used.

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