Social Media Marketing

In the last few years Social Media has become an important part of the online marketing mix. With the growth in popularity of sites like flickr, facebook, digg,, YouTube and others the importance of getting placement in the Social Web is growing as well.

The Social Web is driven by user generated content making it extremely volatile and ever expanding in scope. In a way its a reflection of the global mood online showing attention shifts to news, media events and more. It’s a and buzz indicator.

As the Social Web continues to grow, niche and specialized social communities emerge. Twitter‘s massive success and the emergance of the Micro Blogging is an example of the influence of Social Media on the world. If you were looking for Video content then YouTube and MetaCafe would be the places to look, for photos it would be flickr and so on. Other leading Social Web leaders include social bookmarking sites like delicious and digg and social recommendation engines like StumbleUpon.

Suntrader Networks works to maintain a strong presence in the Social Web allowing it to leverage its presence and experience to promote its clients where they are most relevant and where they can benefit from the attention of an effective target market.

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