Web Development

Suntrader Networks develops custom projects and advanced web development applications. We believe in the Open Source platforms and the capabilities of PHP. We deploy advanced web development projects that include corporate Blog development, eCommerce stores, that are search engine friendly, corporate sites with Content Management Systems (Like Mambo, CMS Made Simple, Zope)) information portals (Like Joomla)and data aggregators (RSS & XML).

The development of the website is an integral part of the online marketing process. Building the site with online marketing in mind makes a huge difference in terms of advertising dollars. A poorly built site will need to be constantly promoted with marketing and advertising budgets, while a site that’s built effectively will enjoy organic traffic from search engines and a constant flow (over time) of targeted traffic. In addition, once on the site, a well planned site will be able to convert traffic more effectively and get better results from every targeted visitor.

Web2.0, RSS, Social Networks. These are just some of the trends that have been appearing online in the past 2 years. Advanced web development can include the ability to show an RSS feed and syndication, developing a search engine friendly eCommerce store, tagging the information on the site, developing a company blog or offering an information Wiki. As the Internet expands and develops the opportunities for better online web marketing continue to grow and planning ahead becomes ever more important. Visit our clients page and review some of our recent projects.