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Beware of Content Writing Scams

In this post about Mike Cris (Michael Sadish) you can get an idea of the scams that are out there. This is someone whose introduction emails are well written (probably by some other writer) and then when you contract him, you get garbage content, poorly written and barely readable. In this case the fraudulent writer […]

MIZZE Jewelry Made For Luck Launched

The site was launched last month for MIZZE – Jewelry Made for Luck. The MIZZE line is a designer label that creates a unique collection of handmade charm jewelry and accessories. The line is inspired by the King Solomon Seals, Kabbalah, Hamsa designs and New Age motifs. The line is available at boutiques around […]

iCentered Blog on User Centricity Launch

The iCentered blog (Ayala Rahav) was developed by the Suntrader’s blog development services team at Noo. The blog includes custom pages and a selection of search engine plugins to increase visibility. Read the testimonial.. Icentered is a blog about user centricity, user controlled data and privacy, and a paradigm shift towards a clean and transparent […]

Orr Shalom Children and Youth at Risk

There are a few good causes in Israel and we were especially touched by the people at Orr Shalom. We have had the pleasure of consulting them on the development and marketing of their new website. The non-profit organization provides housing and social welfare services to children and youth at risk: Orr Shalom is Israel’s […] Launch

The new site for King Solomon Seals Store was launched today by our web development team. The site is a static store that uses PayPal for processing. It offers over 100 products and convenient browsing menus. The store is search engine optimized and uses CSS navigation for search engine friendly navigation. We wish the client […]

Daniel Kligler IP Services Site Launch

The recent testing and launch of Daniel Kligler’s site is complete. The IP attorneys office specializes in patent, intellectual property and trademarks in Israel: We provide a full range of IP services and address all of our clients’ IP-related needs, including patents, trademarks, designs and copyright. We specialize, however, in patents, particularly in the fields […]

Razia Gershon Peace Bronze Given To Barack Obama

One of our first clients is the Bronze Artist Razia Gershon so we are always very proud of her and she recently was in the headlines (again). Her “Yearning for Peace” Bronze was given to President Barack Obama when he met with Israeli President Shimon Peres in Washington. The Peace Bronze is a classic and […]

Suntrader Networks on Twitter

Yes, Suntrader Networks is on Twitter. To those of you who have been following us THANK YOU! There are over 300 followers now and its a great deal of fun so keep it coming. You can now find the little blue bird on the right of most of the pages of our sites including […]

Intellectual Property is a Lucrative Market

In a $2.5 million deal this month Foundry, an American networking hardware vendor purchased the patents from Chiaro, a technology company that over the years has raised $225 Million in investment capital. Despite the ongoing economic turbulence, buying and selling patents can be a very lucrative business. Hi-tech companies are willing to pay large sums […]

ActiveLinks seals purchase of Corigin intellectual property

The intellectual property of Corigin, formerly Newframe, was sold for NIS 5 million to an international American company, whose identity is yet unknown. The negotiations on behalf of the seller were led by ActiveLinks, a company who specializes in converting technological patents into immediate liquid capital (buying patents). Corigin, a privately owned company, was operating […]