iCentered Blog on User Centricity Launch

The iCentered blog (Ayala Rahav) was developed by the Suntrader’s blog development services team at Noo. The blog includes custom pages and a selection of search engine plugins to increase visibility. Read the testimonial..

Icentered is a blog about user centricity, user controlled data and privacy, and a paradigm shift towards a clean and transparent web ecology, based on a new pact of interactions between the participants in the digital food chains.
The key to empower that is personal context – contexting people and not just siloed interactions. Once the keys for making personal data actionable resides at the user side and in her control, user can transparently become equal partners in food chains created around them and context data become an alternative currency. Ayala Rahav

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Daniel Kligler IP Services Site Launch

The recent testing and launch of Daniel Kligler’s site is complete. The IP attorneys office specializes in patent, intellectual property and trademarks in Israel:

We provide a full range of IP services and address all of our clients’ IP-related needs, including patents, trademarks, designs and copyright. We specialize, however, in patents, particularly in the fields of communications, computers, software, integrated circuits, medical devices, instrumentation, and other areas of the electronic and mechanical arts. The members of our professional staff have advanced degrees and practical experience in these areas and are licensed to practice in the Israel Patent Office and the US Patent and Trademark Office. About the firm..

The site is based on the customized WordPress content system and was built by the web development team at Noo. The site is search engine friendly, offers blog and news management functionality, meta and title tag management, social bookmarking, video content management, database backups, and automated sitemap. Find out more about our WordPress web development services.

Daniel Kligler IP Services

Why Blog?

When engaging in Internet Marketing, and particularly in Search Engine Optimization, blogs play a pivotal role in the process. They serve as the brand presenters, allow intimate interaction with your customers, offer the best outlet to present search engines with your keywords, and actively engage your blogging employees in a very prolific type of brainstorming.

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