Razia Gershon Peace Bronze Given To Barack Obama

Razia Gershon Peace Bronze SculptureOne of our first clients is the Bronze Artist Razia Gershon so we are always very proud of her and she recently was in the headlines (again).

Her Yearning for Peace” Bronze was given to President Barack Obama when he met with Israeli President Shimon Peres in Washington. The Peace Bronze is a classic and has been a collector item for several years now.

The latest version of the bronze includes 20 doves floating above the women’s figure (pictured in full size scale). The Peres Center for Peace is home for some of the artist’s work and is a favored gift given to interantional dignitaries visiting Israel.

Yamit Swimming Pool Site Launch

The first Noo project was launched this week, YamitPool.co.il, a site for the wondrous swimming pool in Kibbutz Netzer Sirany.

The Swimming Pool, a leader in Israel, offers specialized swimming experiences for babies, pregnant women as well as pampering relaxation treatments in the water. Nestled among acres of farm land, within the boundaries of the Noam Farm it offers a place to relax and see the amazing occur right before your eyes.

Yamit Pool shows you the wonders of baby swimming, toddlers that are as comfortable under water as most people are outside the water. Children classes that teach movement, swimming and exercise are held at the pool daily, as well as the very unique treatments for women in various stages of pregnancy.

The pool is also known for the unique water treatments it offers with a stellar team of professionals in Hydrotherapy, Jahara, Watsu and more.

If you are interested please contact them at YamitPool.co.il

Tell them we sent you 🙂