Daniel Kligler IP Services Site Launch

The recent testing and launch of Daniel Kligler’s site is complete. The IP attorneys office specializes in patent, intellectual property and trademarks in Israel:

We provide a full range of IP services and address all of our clients’ IP-related needs, including patents, trademarks, designs and copyright. We specialize, however, in patents, particularly in the fields of communications, computers, software, integrated circuits, medical devices, instrumentation, and other areas of the electronic and mechanical arts. The members of our professional staff have advanced degrees and practical experience in these areas and are licensed to practice in the Israel Patent Office and the US Patent and Trademark Office. About the firm..

The site is based on the customized WordPress content system and was built by the web development team at Noo. The site is search engine friendly, offers blog and news management functionality, meta and title tag management, social bookmarking, video content management, database backups, and automated sitemap. Find out more about our WordPress web development services.

Daniel Kligler IP Services

Intellectual Property is a Lucrative Market

In a $2.5 million deal this month Foundry, an American networking hardware vendor purchased the patents from Chiaro, a technology company that over the years has raised $225 Million in investment capital.

Despite the ongoing economic turbulence, buying and selling patents can be a very lucrative business. Hi-tech companies are willing to pay large sums of money in order to obtain a patent that could put them ahead of the competition.

The negotiations with Foundry were handled by Gideon Keydar, CEO and Chairman of ActiveLinks. His company has handled several very successful purchases of IP lately.

“There are many ways to put a price tag on intellectual property,” says Keydar. “But eventually the value of IP depends on the buyer. If the patent fits the buying company and helps it to develop a product or to strengthen its position in the market — the company would be willing to pay abundantly.”

ActiveLinks seals purchase of Corigin intellectual property

The intellectual property of Corigin, formerly Newframe, was sold for NIS 5 million to an international American company, whose identity is yet unknown. The negotiations on behalf of the seller were led by ActiveLinks, a company who specializes in converting technological patents into immediate liquid capital (buying patents).

Corigin, a privately owned company, was operating between 1995 and 2005. During those years, it developed Data Sharing solutions that interface Operating Systems (Unix, Windows) and Mainframe systems.