Solomon Seals StoreThe new site for King Solomon Seals Store was launched today by our web development team. The site is a static store that uses PayPal for processing. It offers over 100 products and convenient browsing menus. The store is search engine optimized and uses CSS navigation for search engine friendly navigation.

We wish the client the best of luck and congratulations!

Search Engine Marketing

Search engines have become today’s global yellow pages. Ever advancing in the way they collect and present information they are a critical component of any business strategy and an integral part of the marketing effort.

DMOZ Open DirectorySearch engine marketing is a catch all concept. It’s also referred to as search engine positioning, ranking and promotion. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising are two components within search engine marketing.

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Search Engine Optimization Basics

There are no guaranteed search results (specially #1 positions) in Search Engine Optimization. Promising positions in search engine result pages is usually a sign that an SEO company is doing something shady or using Black Hat tactics (see this).

A good SEO strategy would take the overall presence of the website in search engines into account and would measure results by the number and quality of visitors coming from organic search results. The final ingrdient here is time, it’s a critical component and results should always be looked at in terms of the long run.

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