Suntrader Networks on Twitter

twitterYes, Suntrader Networks is on Twitter. To those of you who have been following us THANK YOU! There are over 300 followers now and its a great deal of fun so keep it coming. You can now find the little blue bird on the right of most of the pages of our sites including and our blog

Now, we are no Twitterholics and we will not be able to update it all the time, but we are going to make a real effort and have some fun with this and post as often as we can.

To those of you interested in our other social marketing activities you can also follow us on StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Facebook and TheMarker Cafe.

Law of Reciprocity in Social Marketing

Social Marketing is not a one time action but a long term relationship with a community or a newly formed community.  What creates a community of any kind is the special bond, trust, relations that are formed between the members. These are all based on the simple yet powerful foundations of the Law of Reciprocity.
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Connecting to Online Customers

At the end of the day people are people, online or offline. There are some basic tips for making and keeping contact with the online customer.

Know where to find online customers – You need to know how to locate your customers online, and the first step is to know who these people are. Based on that understanding build a short list of key words to help you find them on a search engine; words could include products and service, geographic locations, special events and daily activities. You can start looking for them in the blogsphere and blog search engines, sites like Google’s blogs search, blogpulse, digg, and technorati. Once you found them, develop a bookmark library that includes the top locations that match your search.

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